Top-Tier Review: Fat Daddio’s PCC-63 Round Cheesecake Pan

If you’re a baking enthusiast like us, you know the struggle of finding the perfect cheesecake pan that​ not⁣ only bakes your dessert to perfection but ⁤also makes ‌the⁢ de-panning process a breeze. Well, look no⁤ further because we have found⁢ the ultimate⁤ solution in the Fat Daddio’s PCC-63 Round Cheesecake Pan. This ⁢6 x 3-inch silver ⁤beauty⁢ is a game-changer in the world of baking. From its 16-gauge anodized aluminum construction to its ability to fit perfectly in pressure cookers and air fryers, ‍this pan has it all. Join us as we​ dive into a detailed review of this must-have kitchen essential.

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We recently tried⁣ out the Fat Daddio’s PCC-63 Round Cheesecake Pan and were impressed by its versatility and quality. The pan fits perfectly in 3, 6, and 8-quart pressure cookers, as well as in 3.4, 4, 5.3, ‌and 10-quart air ‍fryers. The 16-gauge anodized aluminum construction ensures easy⁢ release and clean⁣ up, making⁤ it safe for citrus-based foods. Not to mention,⁣ it heats and cools ‌quicker than traditional bakeware, thanks to its unique design that reflects heat rather than absorbing it.

Moreover, this pan is bakery tough, ideal for various cake recipes such⁤ as cheesecakes, upside-down cakes, tiramisu, and ice ⁤cream cakes. The⁤ professional-grade quality of this pan is⁤ evident in the even heating that allows for the best rise possible. Plus, it ⁤comes‍ with ‍a lifetime warranty, making it a reliable choice for both baking enthusiasts and professional bakeries alike. If⁤ you’re looking for a durable‍ and versatile cheesecake pan, you can check it out here: here.

Impressive Features and Design

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When‌ it comes​ to the features ​and design of this round cheesecake pan, we were truly impressed. The​ fact that it fits perfectly ⁣in various ​pressure cookers ⁢and air fryers is ⁤a game-changer, making it incredibly versatile for ⁢any kitchen. The 16-gauge‌ anodized aluminum construction not only‌ ensures easy release‍ and cleanup but also guarantees durability and safety, especially when it comes to citrus-based foods. Knowing that⁤ this ‍pan will never rust, peel, ⁤or flake gives us peace of mind, as does the fact that it is ⁢free ⁣from⁢ harmful chemicals like PTFE’s or PFOA’s.

Moreover, the ability of this pan to heat and cool⁣ quicker due to its ⁢unique design is remarkable. The even heating provided by the ProSeries technology ensures that our cakes rise perfectly every time,‌ without the risk of over-baking. We also appreciate⁣ the fact that this ​pan is built bakery tough, ⁣meaning we can rely on it for professional results day in and day out. Overall, this round ⁤cheesecake pan is ideal for a wide range of desserts, making ⁣it a must-have in​ any baker’s collection. Experience the for‌ yourself by getting your hands on this ‌fantastic pan today! Check it out here.

In-depth Analysis and Recommendations

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Upon analyzing the specifications of the Fat Daddio’s ‍PCC-63 Round Cheesecake Pan, we found that its dimensions make it a versatile option that ⁢fits perfectly in various pressure cookers and air fryers. The 16-gauge anodized aluminum construction ⁤ensures easy release and cleanup, which is a significant advantage for baking enthusiasts. Additionally, the material is safe for citrus-based foods and comes with a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing its durability.

One ​of the standout features of this cheesecake pan is its ability⁣ to heat and cool quicker than traditional bakeware.⁢ This ensures even ‍baking and prevents over-baking, resulting in perfectly ‌baked desserts⁤ every time. The‌ pan⁤ is ⁢designed for a wide ​range of ⁤cake recipes, making it ⁤an ideal choice for various specialty desserts. Its professional-grade⁤ quality ‌makes it a reliable option for both ​home bakers and professional bakeries. If you’re looking⁣ for a durable and versatile cheesecake pan ​that ⁤delivers excellent ​results, we highly recommend checking out the Fat Daddio’s PCC-63 Round Cheesecake Pan.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer‍ reviews for the Fat Daddio’s ‌PCC-63 Round Cheesecake Pan, we have compiled the following ​insights:

Positive Reviews:

1. Perfect Cheesecake‌ Every Time
2. ‍Easy to Use and Clean
3. Versatile – Great for Cheesecake, Quiche, Pies, and Cornbread

Negative Reviews:

1. Some Complaints ⁤About Quality Control‍ Issues
2. One Customer Had to Spend Time Resanding the ⁢Pan
3. ⁣Removeable Base Can Bend Easily

Overall, the ‌majority of customers were highly satisfied ⁣with the Fat Daddio’s ⁢PCC-63 Round Cheesecake Pan, praising its ‍performance, ease of use,⁤ and⁣ versatility. While there⁣ were some concerns raised about quality⁤ control issues and ‍the durability of⁤ the​ removable ⁣base, the positive reviews⁣ outweigh the negative ones, making this pan a top choice for baking enthusiasts.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


Fits various pressure cookers and air fryers
Easy‍ release and‍ clean up
Safe for citrus-based foods
Heats & cools quicker for ​even baking
Built bakery tough for professional results


Hand wash recommended
May be pricier than other options
Not⁣ dishwasher​ safe

Overall, the Fat Daddio’s‌ PCC-63 Round Cheesecake Pan is a​ high-quality ⁤baking tool that delivers professional results, but may⁤ require a⁣ bit more maintenance compared to ‍other pans on the market.


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Q: Can this cheesecake pan be used in an air fryer?

A: Yes, the Fat Daddio’s PCC-63 Round ‍Cheesecake Pan ⁢is designed to fit 3.4, 4, 5.3, and‍ 10-quart ⁢air fryers, ⁢making it versatile for different cooking methods.

Q: Is ⁤this pan easy to clean?

A: Absolutely! The 16-gauge anodized aluminum material makes⁢ for easy‍ release and clean up. Simply hand wash recommended for lasting ⁢durability.

Q: Can I‌ use⁣ this pan for other desserts besides cheesecake?

A: Definitely! This pan is ideal for a variety of desserts such as upside-down ⁢cakes, tiramisu, ice cream cakes, and more. ⁤It’s‍ designed to preserve the⁤ top of the dessert‍ and is easy to⁤ de-pan by pushing up the bottom.

Q: Does this pan heat evenly?

A: Yes,‍ the ProSeries cake ‍pan‍ reflects heat instead‌ of absorbing ‍it, allowing for quicker⁤ heating and even baking. This feature⁢ helps ⁢prevent‌ over-baking and ensures the best possible rise for your baked goods.

Q: Is this pan durable?

A: Without a doubt! This‍ pan is built bakery ⁤tough and is the same high-quality bakeware used by professional bakers around the world. ⁣Plus, ‌it comes with a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind.

Unleash Your True⁣ Potential

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In ‌conclusion,⁢ we highly recommend the Fat Daddio’s PCC-63⁣ Round ⁢Cheesecake Pan ‌for ⁤all your baking‌ needs. With its durable ⁤construction, even heating, and easy release,‌ this pan will surely ‍become‍ a staple in your kitchen. Don’t ‌miss out ⁣on the opportunity to elevate your baking⁣ game with this ⁣top-tier product.

If you’re ready to experience the professional results⁢ that this pan delivers, click here ‍to⁣ purchase your own Fat ‌Daddio’s PCC-63 Round Cheesecake Pan now:‌ Purchase ⁣Now!

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